Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady and Other Possibly Demented Meanderings*

Essays, footnotes and pictures on everything from hair-straightening to hairballs**!

Draft book coverThis is the go-to handbook for anybody who has ever wanted to know how my mind works…a scary thought indeed! Seriously though, periodically people ask me for copies of my essays, many of which originally appeared in Columbus Monthly, blogs and various small magazines and anthologies. And I am happily willing to oblige!

The title essay, CONFESSIONS OF A CRAZY CAT LADY, is original and provides a detailed history of my relationship with pets from my parents’ dog Duke (or “Puke” as we lovingly called him because of his colitis)*** to my current team of feline bosses, Sasha and Savannah. In between, there’s a rock-swallowing goldfish, a suicidal grow-a-frog and a potentially rabid hamster. Not all ends badly, however.

This book is due to be released in the spring of 2013 (Hey, it’s been a REALLY late spring!!). Please check out Loconeal publishing for dates and other details, which should be posted soon!

*Image shown depicts final draft book cover, which also doubles as a portrait of the author. Cover design & art © 2013, by Melissa Connolly.

**OK, so there aren’t any photos of hairballs, but would you really want to see any?

***Strictly speaking,  Puke, er, Duke is mentioned in the introduction of the book, although tangentially referenced in the essay.

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