The Well-Traveled Dog

book_wtd_LGOK, so I’m a cat person, but then felines aren’t much for hitting the road, unless it’s on their own terms, like sneaking out the door. But canines certainly enjoy traveling with their masters. And this book covers every aspect of their tail waggin’ journeys: road trips (hanging out the car window is not cool); hotels and special getaways, such as camps especially for dogs; “ruffing it,” with backpacking, hiking, and camping; reaching destinations via planes, trains, and ships; requirements for non-U.S. travel; and more. Plus there are chapters on accommodations for Fidos and Fifis who prefer to stay near their own back yards, and cool and fun travel accessories. No longer relegated to roach motels; these empowered pooches get first-class service and can hound their masters whenever they get the itch to leave. Click here to get more information on ordering this and their other titles or call 800/631-2188.