Meet the Cats…Act Two


When I realized that this portion of my Web site needed to be updated, it threw me for a loop. First, because my cat Sasha crossed the rainbow bridge in late summer 2015 at age 19, after a long, mostly uneventful cashing in of her nine lives.  But primarily, the unexpected and (to me, family and close friends) earth-shattering death of my 33-year-old son Alex on January 1, 2017.  Also tied to this was the fact that Mr. Peabody, Alex’s 8-year-old curly Rex, had been in my home since the previous October due to Alex’s difficult living situation. I had joked about Peabody being on permanent loan, but failed to realize the fatefulness of that statement.

Today Peabody and Savannah, still a diva going strong at 16, live in relative harmony.  And although Peabody is at least twice her size, Savannah is still the boss. Not unlike his former owner, he pretends to be a gangster but has a kind and loving heart. Food and elimination are and were important to Peabody and Alex. Peabody is a huge comfort to me and other family members, including Alex’s four (almost five) year-old daughter Hope.

So here is the new — yet somehow unchanged — feline pecking order, with a photo of Hope thrown in for good measure.

Sasha — 1996- 2015



Peabody guarding the printer. He’s yuuuge!

Size means nothing, fool!

Hope at a princess tea party!