Table of Contents

Introduction: A Guide to This Book

Chapter 1: From Port Huron to Kent State and Jackson State
A Brief History of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) * The Weathermen: Whichever Way the Wind Blows * Kent State: Tragedy At Both Ends of the Gun * Jackson State: Second Class Incident

Chapter 2: The Conservatives and the Hawks
A Not-So-Silent Minority * Radicals, Traditionalists, Anarchists, and Libertarians, Oh My! * A Right-Wing Primer * Conservatives Then and Now: Myth America * Washington D.C.: "Hollywood for Ugly People"

Chapter 3: Communes and Former Radicals – Selling Out or Stuck in Time?
History: "Let's Start a Commune!" * Twin Oaks: Utopia with Clay Feet * The Farm: From "Technicolor Amish" to Solid Citizens * The Rainbows: They Come In Peace... But There Goes the Neighborhood

Chapter 4: And It's One, Two, Three-Draft Evaders, Expatriates, and Conscientious Objectors
Draft-Age Males: Offspring of a (Not So) Great Society * Of Warmongers and Peaceniks * Soldiers Who Split, Part 1: A Program for the Players * Expatriates: O, Canada! * Soldiers Who Split, Part 2: Pardon Me

Chapter 5: Vietnam and Iraq: Older and Younger Generations Speak Out
Vietnam 101 * From Fait Accompli to Raging Unpopularity: How Did the War Get From There to Here? * Iraq: A Burp of Vietnam? * Protesting, Iraqi-war style * Of Xers, Yers, and Generation Jones * The Political Process and the Generational Divide

Chapter 6: Friends and Peers: Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?
Myra Aronson: One Flower Child's Destiny * Protest: Friends and Peers * The Many Facets of the Aging of Aquarius * Grateful — and Not Dead Yet