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Let’s Talk About Sex, er, Vietnam and Iraq

OK some might consider that a cheap shot at getting your attention, but it made you look, right?  The following videos, filmed and edited by Phil Raynes, describe my books but more importantly feature an interview with Lt. Col. Rick Welch of the U.S. Army Reserve.  As someone who has “been there, done that” — and is now in Baghdad again — Rick has lots of interesting, insightful and surprising observations.  The important thing is to get a dialogue going and pay attention to what’s going on the Middle East.  We owe at least that much to our service people who are putting their lives on the line, whether or not we agree with the politics.


Where Have All the Flower Children Gone, Introduction: An introduction and description of my book WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWER CHILDREN GONE?

Vietnam and Iraq, Part One: Part One of a discussion between myself and Rick Welch, Army special liaison, currently stationed in Baghdad

Vietnam and Iraq, Part Two: The second part of my interview with Rick Welch, Army liasion on special assignment in Iraq