Author Presentation Information

Photo: Aynn and Doug Titchenal

Photo: Aynn and Doug Titchenal

Culled from several hours of material (with an additional hour or so if the musical portion is included), this multimedia presentation is available in several formats, with a recommended length of about 1 hour for the spoken portion and 1.5-2 hours for the coffeehouse/musical version.  Copies of the author’s books are for sale, and any and all of the recommended combinations can be added or removed as fits the needs of a particular audience.

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Option A: Individual Author Presentation
The focus of the individual presentation is more on current events, particularly relating to Vietnam and Iraq.  The opening portion of about 15 minutes consists of a discussion of the Vietnam protest movement in general, and the story behind the writing of THE PIPE DREAMERS and primarily WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWER CHILDREN GONE? A '60s quiz – with answers containing a great deal of historical information — is also passed out at the beginning of the program. This serves to introduce audiences of all levels and ages to the era and helps set the mood.  I then give a brief (10 minute) reading from FLOWER CHILDREN, which is followed by Part 1 or Part 2 of the Vietnam/Iraq discussion with Rick Welch from this Web site (5-7 minutes).  The quiz answer sheet is distributed at the end of the video; this helps facilitate the audience discussion portion, which usually lasts around a half hour (sometimes longer).

Option B: Coffeehouse: From Long Hair to No Hair
This is more lighthearted, and usually involves the presenters – author Sandra Gurvis and the musicians, usually the Lews Brothers –  dressing in full hippie regalia.  Based in Canal Winchester, Ohio, the Lews Brothers have been playing together since the late '60s and drive to area gigs in a '67 VW van. If desired, participants can also come dressed in '60s garb, with the best costume chosen by the author and/or musicians.

The coffeehouse includes much of the same spoken information (the overview/discussion about Vietnam and the books, the reading, and the quiz) but is interspersed with 15-20 minute musical “sets.”  It concludes with a group discussion of various aspects of the protest movement, along with questions and reminisces.

Fees are negotiable, but if the musical portion is chosen, a fee of $100 will be added.

This program has been presented at colleges, including UC Berkeley, Miami University, Wright State, and Ohio State University. Library venues include Chicago Public Library, Columbus Metropolitan Public Library, Grandview Heights Public Library, Beachwood Library, Preble County District Library, and others. Additional presentations have been done at the Virginia Festival of the Book, the Southern Festival of Books, Lake Austin Spa and Resort and bookstores around the country. Additional references are available upon request.