Where Have all the Flower Children Gone

book_whfcg_LGWhatever happened to the Vietnam protesters? “Where are they now?” The answers to these and many other questions about what some might still call those “damn hippies” can be found in the interviews, narratives, and photos of WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWER CHILDREN GONE? Chapters examine such aspects as the origins of the student protest movement and the conservative backlash as well the fates of draft evaders, expatriates, and conscientious objectors. Other topics are covered as well: the conflict between the various generations over Vietnam, Iraq, and other issues; what happened to the “average” child of the ‘60s and how they reconcile their pasts with the present; and communes and alternative lifestyles that continue to thrive today.

The book puts a contemporary face on the Age of Aquarius. Along with interviews with Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska), Bernadine Dohrn and one of the last with the late Ossie Davis, the story of Myra Aronson, typical of many of the generation, is one of the many startling examples of the “future shock” that Baby Boomers have encountered. The major and minor players of Kent State and Jackson State, where students and others perished at the hand of the militia weigh in as well, as do the generations preceding and succeeding the Baby Boomers.

So whether readers vaguely remember the ’60s, claim to have forgotten them entirely, or never even lived through them, WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWER CHILDREN GONE? brings to life a colorful, complicated era that made a huge impact on our collective memory and culture.