Just Reissued! The Pipe Dreamers

A freshman on another Ohio campus during the shootings at Kent State, Sandra Gurvis spent nearly 25 years researching the reasons behind the turmoil during the Vietnam era. In her quest for answers, she wrote two books, the first of which was THE PIPE DREAMERS (Olmstead, 2001, reissued by Hydra, 2019). Set mostly at fictional Hayes University, a state college in the small town of Hampton, Ohio, it encompasses the student unrest regarding Vietnam, the sexual revolution, the rejection of parental values, and the recreational use of drugs. The main character is Julia Brandon, an innocent sorority girl who gets into trouble when she tries to bail her radical roommate out of jail and becomes increasingly involved with the protest movement, which erupts in violence, death, and destruction. Julia falls irrevocably in love with handsome, carefree, soon-to-be drafted Win. Fifteen years later, trapped in an arid life, Julia glimpses a man whom she believes to be Win. She embarks upon a journey which leads her to the brink of devastation. Can she accept the truth about what happened so long ago without destroying herself and those she loves?

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