Sandra Gurvis is the author of sixteen books and hundreds of magazine articles. Her titles include DAY TRIPS FROM COLUMBUS, 3rd ed.; OHIO CURIOSITIES, 2nd ed.; CAREERS FOR NONCONFORMISTS, which was a selection of the Quality Paperback Book Club; AMERICA’S STRANGEST MUSEUMS, 2nd ed.; and more. Her books have been featured on “Good Morning America,” “CBS Up to the Minute,” “ABC World News Tonight,” in USA Today and in other newspapers and magazines and on television and radio stations across the country. Her newest nonfiction titles are MYTHS AND MYSTERIES OF OHIO (Globe Pequot, 2014), her second novel, COUNTRY CLUB WIVES (Loconeal, 2012) and a collection of essays and shorter works, CONFESSIONS OF A CRAZY CAT LADY AND OTHER POSSIBLY DEMENTED MEANDERINGS (Loconeal, 2013). Her newest projects are CLOSE ENOUGH FOR GOVERNMENT WORK: AMERICA’S PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARIES (Loconeal, 2016); and LIFE DURING WARTIME: A VETERAN SON’S ADDICTION, a memoir/guidebook for families and loved ones of veterans and others who are addicts. She is also planning a “Geezerville” series of satires based in certain retirement “Villages” in Florida. She lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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